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Bring classes online! Teachers, take control and bring your classes online in minutes

Students, get the education that your deserve, with distraction free classes

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Full suite, v-learning solution, at scale. Tested and optimised for students and teachers

Solve distance learning problems and take your education experience online.

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100% online education platform

Provide students a complete substitute to traditional education


Pre-recorded and live Video based education

Provide safe, secure and holistic learning with high quality video conferencing, testing platform and subject dashboard.

Why do you need Vidshaala

Simplify the teaching experience by using one unified platform for all your video education needs. Keep the focus on knowledge and not technology.

Gives teachers the ability to focus on content with an easy to use platform with screensharing, protect students from unscrupulous persons by allowing students to only view the feed of the authorized teacher.

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Easy, secure online learning platform

  • Simple onboarding process for teachers, students and administrators
  • Optimised to work in different bandwidth conditions.
  • Fully flexible to work on any device.
  • Reduce training and testing effort significantly
  • Integrated unified platform to solve all your online education needs.

With Vidshaala ...

  • Keep your academic calendar on-track .
  • Deliver educational content, securely and effectively.
  • Test your students regularly for conceptual knowledge.
  • Offer one-on-one doubt clearing sessions.
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The V-Learning solution for your institute

Minimal Setup

Quick, simple registration. Your students and teachers only need a web browser, video camera and internet connection.


All our calls are encrypted and access to the platform is restricted through the registration process.


All classes can be pre-recorded by the teachers and uploaded to the platform for students to review later.

Meeting rooms

Teachers can be given virtual meeting rooms where students can approach them individually for clarifications.

Secure Storage

All educational resources, either generated or distributed on the platform can be stored for future reference.


Students and parents alike can schedule time with teachers of institute administrators to discuss issues of importance in a secure and comfortable manner.

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